Everdrone announces collaboration with Karolinska Institutet and SOS Alarm AB

Press release 17.10.2019

Swedish drone developer Everdrone is specialized in creating world-leading technology and overcoming regulatory challenges related to autonomous drone operations within the healthcare and emergency response sector. Together with the Center for Resuscitation science at Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Everdrone is now investigating the possibilities of carrying out emergency deliveries of medicine and medical equipment to patients affected by life-threatening health conditions, wherever they are. In cooperation with Sweden’s national emergency dispatch organisation, SOS Alarm AB, the long-term aim is to carry out life-saving flight operations.

In case of sudden cardiac arrest, anaphylactic shock or severe poisoning, help must arrive quickly, every second and minute counts. Karolinska Institutet did at an early stage realise the potential of using drones to transport medicine and medical equipment and has been conducting research in the field since 2014.

– For a few years we have been exploring the concept of using drones for emergency medical deliveries – and so far, the results are promising. We are now at a stage where we are considering clinical trials in collaboration with SOS Alarm, but it is clear that the technical and regulatory challenges still pose a major challenge. This is where Everdrone comes into the picture, says Andreas Claesson, Associate Professor at the Center for Resuscitation Science at Karolinska Institutet and chair of the Swedish Resuscitation Council.

While Karolinska Institutet has been working strictly from a research perspective, Everdrone has during the past two years carried out R&D work aimed at safe drone operations, and worked with regulatory issues related to operations in populated areas.

 – When we started Everdrone just over two years ago, we did it with an ambition to apply the drone technology in the healthcare and emergency response sector. When we were contacted by Karolinska Institutet earlier this year, we saw a unique opportunity in combining world-leading research with our own technical knowledge, says Mats Sällström, CEO of Everdrone.

 For several years, Karolinska Institutet and SOS Alarm AB have had a close research collaboration. Thus, SOS Alarm AB is also an important partner in the current project.

– SOS Alarm AB has a strong focus on innovation. For example, just a few weeks ago, we released our mobile app, which allows us to accurately position where a person is calling from. The concept of using small unmanned aerial vehicles to reach out with physical help in the form of vital medicines or other equipment is obviously incredibly exciting and relevant to us, says Mattias Regnell, Assistant operations manager of care at SOS Alarm AB.

The aim of the project is to investigate the safety and feasibility of emergency medical deliveries using drones – and in the longer perspective to be able to carry out real life-saving flight operations.


Andreas Claesson
Associate Professor / RN, Paramedic.
Center for Resuscitation science at Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm
Chair Swedish resuscitation council.
Tel +46 70 494 05 46

Mattias Regnell
Assistant operations manager of care, SOS Alarm Sverige AB
Tel +46 730 83 87 42