Everdrone awarded Company of the year by EIG

Press release 09.06.2021

“It’s incredibly honouring to be given this award in competition with a large number of impressive companies in west Sweden, says Mats Sällström, CEO of Everdrone. He continues; to get this kind of attention for our technical development feels extra good, as the company is heading in to a commercialisation phase where we in a short period of time will be closing our first commercial deal with paying customers”

EIG (Elektronikindustriföreningen i Göteborg) is a local industry organisation for manufacturers, developers and distributors of electronic goods. The participating companies form a broad collaborative network and an important meeting place for cooperation, education and business within the tech industry.

“Tech company of the year in Western Sweden” is an award given by EIG once per year and this year the award goes to Everdrone.

EIGs motivation for the award

“With an ageing population and an increased need for innovation within the health care sector, Everdrone has developed an application based on drone technology that is unique to the world. With a holistic focus on technology, regulation, business and the end user, Everdrone has proven that autonomous drones have a great potential for improved emergency care and to contribute to a better society as a whole.

Furthermore, the company has with an impressive speed move their technical application from idea, to prototype, to deployment in live scenarios and with that proven that something that looked like science fiction just a few years ago is feasible in real life.”