Everdrone conducts AED deliveries for the first time on French soil

Press release 28.06.2024

“We’re extremely happy for the opportunity to work with Delivrone and Rouen SAMU,” says Daniel Blecher, Head of Customer Operations at Everdrone. “These trials are the first stage of this project, and we’re now, already, looking forward to the second – integrating the Emergency drone deliveries into the existing operations”.

Crucial developments are underway in Normandy. In the commune of Forges-les-Eaux, Everdrone’s latest expansion is underway. In collaboration with local emergency services, trials of AED drone deliveries have been conducted, and the results have been overwhelmingly positive, with excitement from the local community. Or as local partner Delivrone states: “The future of healthcare is in Normandie!”

Beginning in May and continuing through July, the AED trials – with emergency drones controlled from operators in Sweden – aim to demonstrate the feasibility of drone deliveries of potentially life-saving medical equipment in Normandie.

In early June, local inhabitants, led by the Mayor of Forges-les-Eaux, were treated to a demonstration showcasing the speed and efficiency of First responder drones, and the reactions were unanimously positive.

“The local onlookers gave is a very warm welcome, and they were all enthusiastic from the get-go when we performed the trials,” says Pierre Lebel, CEO of Delivrone.

Official launch with key partners
The showcase was followed by the official project launch event. On June 13th, key partners, including the French Society of Emergency Medicine (SFMU), the local Senator, Head of CHU de Rouen (University Hospital Center of Rouen), the Mairie de Forges-les-Eaux, Région Normandie, Normandie AeroEspace (NAE), and various representatives of the press were in attendance.

This significant occasion underlined the collaborative effort and commitment of all involved parties to revolutionize emergency response services through innovative drone technology.

Inspired by Everdrone’s success in Sweden

The project was initiated by Rouen SAMU, the local emergency services, after medical director Dr. Cédric Damm was made aware of Everdrone’s Emergency drone services in Sweden. In France, approximately 40,000 people suffer cardiac arrests every year and the average response time for emergency services is 15 minutes. The potential to reduce response time and save lives prompted Dr. Damm to contact Delivrone, who subsequently involved Everdrone in the trials.

A drone hangar with logos for Everdrone, Région Normandie, Forges-les-Eaux, Delivrone, and CHU Rouen Normandie stands in a grassy area surrounded by trees. Inside the building, a drone is visible on the platform, ready for deployment.

Going live in 2025
The ambition is to have the drone service in Forges-les-Eaux up and running as part of the local emergency services early 2025.

“If these trials are met with approval, the ambition is to move into the second stage of the project, with 60% funding from the Region of Normandie,” says Pierre Lebel of Delivrone. “The catchment area will then be expanded to include urban areas close to the city of Rouen”.

Changing the game to save lives
With a take-off time of 15 seconds after receiving an alarm and an action radius of 8 kilometers, the first responder drones can cover an area of up to 200 square kilometers, reaching their destination in just a few minutes.

“The emergency drone service is not meant to supplement local emergency services, but rather to complement it. Every minute lost without defibrillation reduces the survival chances with 10%, so if you don’t happen to suffer a cardiac arrest close to emergency service personnel, the chances of survival are slim,” says Dr. Damm. “We want to change that”.

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