“Obviously, it’s an honour for us to be a part in an exhibition at a prestigious venue like Swedish Tekniska Museum. But it’s a perfect fit, given what the exhibit is about. We truly are a part of the transportation of the future, only we’re already operational, helping save lives”, says Daniel Blecher, Head of Customer Operations at Everdrone.

As part of the Zero City exhibition at the renown technical museum in Stockholm, Sweden, a state-of-the-art Everdrone drone will help tell the story of smart distribution and improvements in the lives of urban environments.

Drone delivery of potentially lifesaving Automated External Defibrillators is garnering attention all over the world. Everdrone’s EMADE project – emergency drone delivery of defibrillators – has already played an important part in Region Västra Götaland where it’s been implemented as a vital part of the life-saving chain.
Now, Everdrone’s efforts to improve the life-saving opportunities has made it all the way into the exhibition halls of Swedish Tekniska Museum and Science Center.

The 1,200 square metre exhibition Zero City aims at showcasing a wide variety of innovations that better the lives of city dwellers. The entire hall has been transformed into city streets where technical solutions for transportation, energy production, or care for green spaces are displayed in an effort to show both past problems as well as future solutions.

Opening its door the 5th of March, the Zero City exhibition is Tekniska Museet’s contribution to a consortium that includes the DASA Working World Exhibition in Dortmund, the Vienna Museum of Science and Technology, and Parque del las Ciencias in Granada.
Each venue has been tasked with producing their own exhibitions on the theme of sustainability, which will then tour between the various institutions.

Img. Byline: Anna Gerdén, Tekniska museet.