Successful validation of parachute recovery system according to astm f3322-18

Developer update 13.04.2020

As a drone company operating in populated areas, propulsion failure and bird strikes are two of the most complex risks that must be mitigated in order to ensure the safety for people on the ground. At Everdrone we believe that a reliable Parachute Recovery System is one essential part of the solution.

For the past 4 months, we have been conducting advanced parachute testing based on the ASTM F3322-18 standard. We would be lying if we said it had been an easy ride, but maybe that’s why we are so proud and pleased with the outcome.

By combining selected hardware technology with some brilliant proprietary software solutions, we have added a new layer of safety to our operations. We want to acknowledge our Third-Party Testing Agent, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, for great collaboration and productive conversations throughout the testing process. As always, our results and test data are being shared with the authorities to pave the way for future projects.