Everdrone EMADE system live and ready to help save lives in Östersund, Sweden

Press release 20.04.2022

On the 1st of April, yet another Swedish region can offer its inhabitants fast drone deliveries of AED units to incident sites. In cooperation with Green Flyway, Everdrone’s EMADE AED system has been launched to provide assistance to over 30,000 citizens of the central parts of the city of Östersund, Sweden.

“This is the first location, outside of Region Västra Götaland that we’ve introduced the system, and we see this as a vital part of our ambition to expand to many more locations”, says Daniel Blecher, Head of Customer Operations at Everdrone.

The implementation of the hangar and its vital AED-carrying drones is part of a collaboration with Östersund’s Green Flyway. A test arena, financed jointly by Norwegian and Swedish parties, aimed at testing of electric flights and drones.

“We’ve worked together with Everdrone all the way in setting up the service”, says Stefan Johansson, test coordinator at Green Flyway. “Apart from the actual drone hardware and the hangar, Everdrone has also helped out with the training of the staff who will be performing the regular maintenance of the drones.”

Stefan, himself, was attracted to the project, not primarily because of its life-saving potential, but just as much because of the chance to be part of the implementation of new technology.

“Obviously, increasing the survival rates for cardiac arrest patients is enormously important”, says Stefan. “But, for me personally, a major driving force is to be a part of the development of all the possible applications available with the drone technology. As soon as we’ve managed to overcome the problems with airspace control, well, the sky’s truly the limit.”

The city of Östersund is located in the middle of Sweden and thus is subject to a number of challenges that might impede drone traffic. During winters, many of the day’s hours are dark and the temperature levels can sometimes be quite severe.

“We’ve done test flights and trial runs to make sure the system is stable and will be able to deliver under as many circumstances as possible”, says Everdrone’s Daniel Blecher. “Knowing that we can overcome these obstacles, proves that the system is viable and will be able to help save lives wherever it’s implemented.”

Everdrone’s EMADE AED system with its drone deliveries of defibrillators has already proven its value by helping save the life of a man suffering an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in the city of Trollhättan, Sweden. The system is a collaboration between Everdrone, the Center for Resuscitation Science at Karolinska Institutet, and the Swedish Emergency Services, SOS Alarm.